Do’s and Do-not's on the Visits (NCP Only)

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  1. I will not use drugs or alcohol before visiting with my child(ren).  I understand that my visit may be cancelled if there is any suspicion that these substances have been used
  2. I will arrive at the site at specified hour of arrival, and depart promptly at the scheduled visitation end.
  3. I will need to have the Court Order changed when I want to have any other person at the visits other than the Monitor, Custodial Parent, Minor Children.
  4. I will not use video recording devices, nor permit Minors to use videotaping devices during visitation time. 
  6. I will not bring any weapons or articles that could be used as a weapon to visits.  I understand that Monitor has the right to search for weapons.  Also, the Monitor has the right to search for Drugs.
  7. I will not follow or harass another party before, during or after a scheduled visit
  8. I will not speak negatively about the child(ren)’s custodial parent, custodial parent staff , or custodial parent family members in front of the child(ren), or during visitation time.
  9. I will not talk about adult issues, such as court proceedings, with the child(ren) or during the visitation time.
  10. I will not make promises to the child(ren) about future living arrangements or unsupervised visits.
  11. I will not question the child(ren) about their custodial parent’s personal information, whereabouts, activities, or parental decisions.
  12. I will not send any correspondence (i.e. regarding child support) or messages to the custodial parent by means of the child(ren) or Provider.
  13. I will not use physical punishment or threaten to use physical punishment with the child(ren) during visits.
  14. I will follow the suggestions of the Visitation Monitor while visiting the child(ren).
  15. I will notify the Visitation Monitor as soon as possible if I cannot attend a visit.
  16. I understand that breaking this agreement may lead to the termination of visitation services.
  17. I understand that it is the Visitation Monitors responsibility to report to the Court and/or DCFS, or any representative of the Court of any circumstances that relates to my ability to parent my child(ren) in an unsafe manner.
  18. I understand that I shall not threaten anyone or use threatening language.
  19. I understand that written Observation Reports of the visits will be provided upon requests of either parent,            parent’s attorney, or minors counel.  the requesting party will pay the fee for the preparation of the reports.